Song Lyric Sunday – 18 October 2020 – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Jim Adams’ Song Lyric Sunday gives us the chance to share familiar, and sometimes not so familiar, songs. Jim has given us No/Yes this week to be included in the title or lyrics.

If you fancy sharing one of your favourite songs you can find out how to participate, and also listen to all the great entries, here.

This week I chose a song by The Who, formed in London  in 1964, the year that I joined the army. Their classic line-up consisted of lead singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist and singer Pete Townsend, bass guitarist John Entwistle  and drummer Keith Moon. They are considered one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century, selling over 100 million records worldwide.

The Who’s iconic anthem, ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, from the 1971 ‘Who’s Next’ album is performed here on B-Stage at Shepperton Studios on 25 May 1978. It is not the best performance there is but gives a good indication of some of the excesses that have obviously been indulged in by more than a couple of the band. Sadly this was to be the very last public performance ever by Keith Moon.

The lyrics are on the video.

In mid-1978 Keith Moon moved into Flat 12, 9 Curzon Place, Mayfair, London.  Cass Elliot of the Mamas and Papas had died there four years earlier, at the age of 32.  Harry Nilsson, who owned the flat, was concerned about letting it to Keith Moon, believing it was cursed. Townshend disagreed, assuring him that “lightning wouldn’t strike the same place twice”.

After moving in, Moon began a prescribed course of Heminevrin (Clomethiazole) to alleviate his alcohol withdrawal symptoms. He wanted to get sober, but due to his fear of psychiatric hospitals he wanted to do it at home. That particular drug is discouraged for unsupervised detoxification because of its addictive potential, its tendency to induce tolerance, and its risk of death when mixed with alcohol. The pills were prescribed by a physician who was unaware of Moon’s lifestyle.  Moon was given a bottle of 100 pills and told to take one pill when he felt a craving for alcohol but not more than three pills per day. 

By September 1978 Moon was having difficulty playing the drums, according to roadie Dave “Cy” Langston.  After seeing Moon in the studio trying to overdub drums for The Kids Are Alright, he said, “After two or three hours, he got more and more sluggish, he could barely hold a drum stick.” 

On 6 September, Moon and Annette Walter-Lax, his Swedish model girlfriend, were guests of Paul and Linda McCartney.  After dining with the McCartneys they returned to their flat.  He watched a film and asked Walter-Lax to cook him steak and eggs. When she objected, Moon replied, “If you don’t like it, you can fuck off!” These were his last words.  Moon then took 32 clomethiazole tablets. When Walter-Lax checked on him the following afternoon, she discovered he was dead. (Aged 32!)

I aint no hippy!

Over on Weekly Prompts the site shared by GC, and SueW, the Weekend Challenge is Flower Power!

I’ve never partaken in these challenges, but when I saw the post today it triggered an immediate poem that, under normal circumstances, would have ended up as one of my Rapid Rhymes. Since I’m here, the poem is writ, and I saw this earlier today: (which I’ll leave to Sue to explain!!!)

I thought that I would offer you:

I aint no hippy

I missed the swinging sixties

with jeans and beads and hair

They say if you remember them

it proves you were not there

Well I was wearing uniform

no jeans or hair allowed

Each day was fully occupied

we couldn’t join the crowd

At least I got past 27

there’s many folk did not

Succumbed to sex and rock and roll

and drugs including pot

Still, p’raps I made up later

or p’raps I was a saint

Afraid I am not telling

A hippie I sure aint!

RIP Peter Green

Peter Green, who has died aged 73 was, alongside Eric Clapton, widely regarded as the foremost white blues guitarist of his generation, although he became equally famous as rock’s second-most notable LSD casualty (after Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett).
He formed Fleetwood Mac in 1967.  Although initially called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, he later chose to omit his own name.
He was affected disastrously by the effects of drugs yet he always seemed to revert to the musical genius that he was whenever he picked up a guitar.
He lives on through his marvellous music, some of which you can listen to below.



Song Lyric Sunday 18/08/2019 – Song that references another group in it – Donovan

img_1345-3Thank you to Jim Adams, who hosts Song Lyric Sunday and gives us the chance to share lots of familiar, and some not so familiar, songs.

If you fancy sharing one of your favourite songs you can find out how to participate, and also listen to all the great entries, here.

My song today is by Donovan, and was released on the Sunshine Superman album in 1966 in USA and 1967 in the UK.

While recording a demo in 1965, Donovan befriended Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, who was recording nearby. He had recently met Jones’ ex-girlfriend, Linda Lawrence, who is the mother of Jones’ son, Julian Brian (Jones) Leitch. The on-off romantic relationship that developed over five years was a force in Donovan’s career. Linda influenced Donovan’s music but refused to marry him and she moved to the United States for several years in the late 1960s. They met by chance in 1970 and married soon after. Donovan had other relationships – one of which resulted in the birth of his first two children, Donovan Leitch and Ione Skye, both of whom became actors. However, it wasn’t a passing fancy. Linda and Donovan dated from 1965, and married on 2nd October 1970, so they’ve been together for over 54 years!

“Sunshine Superman” was released as a single and was backed with “The Trip” on both the United States and United Kingdom releases.

At the time he wrote these songs Donovan was playing at a nightclub in Los Angeles called “The Trip”, but at the same time was tripping out on LSD shortly before he returned to London where he became the first British musician busted for drugs.

The lyrics describe an LSD trip straightforwardly for the first time on a pop record, almost in journalistic fashion as a series of events in an evening. The singer “almost blew [his] mind” and “got caught in a colored shower”. He stammers as if uncertain of his words and puts together nonsense syllables like “cheek a cheek” and “trip a trip trip”.

Mentioned in the lyrics are:

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez (and Julian, the adopted son of Brian Jones and Linda Lawrence.)

Here is The Trip. I hope you enjoy it.

The Trip


We was a-d-d-d-drivin’ d-downtown L.A.,
About a-midnight hour
And it almost b-b-blew my mind,
I got caught in a coloured shower.
All those lights were t-t-twinkling on Sunset,
I saw a sign in the sky
It said, “T-t-t-trip a t-trip, I trip, trip, ”
I couldn’t keep up up if I tried.
Ah, we stepped down to reality company
To get some instant sleep
And the driver turned, I said, “Welcome back”
He smiled and he said, “Beep beep”.

What goes on? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on? I really wanna know.
What goes on all around me,
What goes on? I really wanna know.

When in should come-a my dream woman,
She got sequins in her hair,
Like she stepped out off of a Fellini film,
She sat in a white straw chair
But I thought I’d take a second look
Just to see what I could see
And my scene had popped out like a bubble does,
There was nobody there but me.
I said, “Girl, you drank a lot of drink-me,
But you ain’t in a Wonderland
You know I might-a be there to greet you, child,
When your trippin’ ship touches sand.”

What goes on? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on? I really wanna know.
What goes on? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on? I really wanna know.

A silver goblet of wine is-a to be
Held in a bejewelled glove
And her knights they toast the tournament,
The falcons they fly above.
And the queen will a drink of the dew tonight
But the jester she cries alone,
Because Merlin he spoke of an instant spell
To make the devil’s white knights moan
And-a all in all, the seagull said,
“As I look to where I’ve been,
The whole wide human race
Has a-taken far too much Methedrine”.

What goes on? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on? I really wanna know.
What goes on? So near
What goes on? I really wanna know.
Yeah well, come on.

We sat in a velvet jewel case
With sparkles everywhere,
And Julian he sat on a diamond ring
And-a talked of the days gone by.
We spoke of a common kaleidoscope
And the pros and the cons of Zen
And he spoke and-a said for a piece of cake
He really did have a yen.
Bobby Dylan he sat “the Mad Hatter”,
A broken hour glass in his hand,
And-a Joannie sat in a white lace
Looking cool with a black lace fan.

What goes on? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on? I really wanna know.
What goes on? Yes please tell me.
What goes on? I really wanna know

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: D LEITCH

The Trip lyrics © Peer International Corporation