I talk to the trees………..

This popped up in my Facebook “memories” today. I thought it may be of interest, even though it is rather a long read.

Peter's pondering

Not only do I talk to the trees, I talk to all manner of things.

Each morning I go for a walk.

I have various routes, but all take in fields, woodland, the River Erewash, the Erewash canal, bridges, a main road, and suburban streets.

Some days I hardly see a living soul, others I see far too many!

My normal route takes me down my road, which has only some 9 houses. At the bottom of the road I have my first conversation, with a brazen hussy who rolls on the ground and will not let me pass before she is satisfied. Somewhere close by her brother will be watching. He is more timid and undemanding. Their Mummy lives at the end house and thinks they are both boys!

I explain that I have to get on, and continue on my way. She follows, then runs ahead. It is…

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She’s Watching You

Another absolute gem from Colleen. Small, quiet, acts can work wonders, and they do! It does not take money, or lots of time, or complicated skills, to make a difference. This story clearly shows that!

The Chatter Blog


No one really knew her.

She was unassuming.  Alone.  And quiet.

She lived quietly in a small house she moved to after her father died.  He died eight years after her mother.  She cared for them both while working full time.  Her life was all about providing.  Providing them comfort and care, providing for herself financially.   When they were both gone she sold the house she had lived in with them.  And moved to a quiet street, in the small house.   An alley ran behind her house, a stream ran on the other side of the alley.

Her interactions with others was limited to work, or shopping or banking.  People were pleasant enough to her, even if they thought her a little odd.  It’s not that people avoided her, nor did she avoid people.  She and they, they just didn’t make an effort to connect.  So connections…

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Take my advice – Or not!

I love the type of verse that almost writes itself as you walk quickly, jog, or sit on a train travelling through the countryside. This is one such example. There are so many more that travel through my mind as I go on my daily walk. They disappear quickly, having had but an ephemeral existence!


Take it or leave it

Do it or don’t

Open your heart

It will or it won’t


Ask if it hurts

and if it does, stop

take out the washing

then go to the shop


Sit down to lunch

and later to dinner

are you a loser

or are you a winner


Think about children

and parents and friends

Are they in danger?

I hope that it ends


Take a deep breath

then take yet one more

open the windows

and shut the front door


Does this make sense

what’s that you mutter

you think I’m a plonker

an absolute nutter!




Whatever happened to Whatsisname?


ghost writerpost-milestone-50-2x50th post!

I go for a walk most days, and on the way I normally meet others going about their daily lives. Some I know by name, others by sight. Some are a once in a lifetime meeting.

What if one of these individuals ceases to be seen?

What has happened to them?

Quite often I am able to find out from some other acquaintance that “the man with the 2 black Labradors fell down a drain and wasn’t found for 2 weeks!” or some such tale. His dogs would, of course, have stayed faithfully by his side!

But what happens when a blogger disappears?

Have they given up their blog?

Are they taking a break?

Have they gone on an extended holiday to some exotic destination where there is no internet, or mobile coverage at all? If so, are they having severe withdrawal symptoms?

Have they taken holy orders?

How on earth am I to know?

I have agreed, with one of the bloggers I follow, that, should either of us die, we will come back to write a brief explanation of why we are no longer around. I really think that should be written into the terms and conditions of WordPress.

What say you?