Rapid rhyme #7

Why do you think “What may have been?”

when plainly it was not?

Be happy with what’s done and seen,

give thanks for what you’ve got.

You’re richer far than many folk,

and healthier than a few.

Why try to fix what is not broke,

be thankful that you’re you!


I am Thankful — The happy Quitter!

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK. Perhaps we should.

In any case, I am thankful for many things, and often take those things for granted.

Thank you to all bloggers, whether I follow you, or not. Thank you for being part of a good world, and for sharing freely with others. Thank you to Bridget for posting this!

For the wife Who says it’s hot dogs tonight Because she is home with me And not out with someone else. For the husband Who is on the sofa Being a couch potato Because he is home with me And not out at the bars. For the teenager Who is complaining about doing dishes Because […]

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