Rapid rhyme #8

I have no fear, I have no care,

the ghost I saw just isn’t there.

It wasn’t there before I saw,

it won’t be there forever more.

The ghost I saw just isn’t there.

I have no fear,  I have no care!

Rapid rhyme #7

Why do you think “What may have been?”

when plainly it was not?

Be happy with what’s done and seen,

give thanks for what you’ve got.

You’re richer far than many folk,

and healthier than a few.

Why try to fix what is not broke,

be thankful that you’re you!

Rapid Rhyme #6

This poem was inspired by Colleen’s post Not alone. On looking back, I find that my last Rapid Rhyme was also inspired by Colleen whose magnificent blog you can find here.

If you have not read anything of C Faherty Brown’s words, nor seen her delightful, and insightful, drawings, then I would recommend that you delve into them. Her books, too, are a joy, and her latest, “The Sentinel”, also features a tree. It truly is a magnificent story which, uncharacteristically, features not a single picture. The words themselves are picture enough.

This is what Colleen inspired:

By the tree

in the tree


you and me

went on dates


Girl and boy

fun ahoy

boy oh boy

what a joy



Shared a life

man and wife

free from strife

love was rife

best of mates

Rapid rhyme #5

Colleen, over at The Chatter Blog, has an amazing ability to draw, and write, so succinctly and powerfully. If you’ve never seen her little masterpieces then it would be well worth a few moments to have a look.

Colleen’s post today, which you can see here, inspired me to write this rapid rhyme.

An upward glance

An upward glance
gives one a chance
to lose one’s head
or dream instead

of heavenly goals

a downward look
to read a book
gives myriad tales
of diverse scales

to feed our souls

an empty mind
I often find
relaxes me
so I can see

the way ahead!

Thank you Colleen.

Rapid rhyme #4

Today is National Poetry Day in the UK. That means if you’re not British you can’t read this. Well, that seems to be what a lot of Brexiteers would like to believe! Go on, be a devil, read it anyway!


Some poems rhyme, and some do not

and some are just bizarre

Some have an even tempo

and others are just sort of different and ramble on, and maybe have the odd rhyme or rhythm, and you may have to shout the words for effect, or look sinister!

Whatever bro!