Lundi limerick #30

A walrus of gigantic size

was also incredibly wise

It hardly surprises

she won lots of prizes

but worried about her large thighs


Lundi limerick #29

An X ray of Susan the spider

showed hundreds of apples inside her

Her doctor said hey

we can cure you today

As a bonus we’ll make lots of cider


(Susan is a VERY big spider, and features today because X is rather difficult when it comes to animals, insects, and arachnids.)

Introducing — Gloria Smud

Debbie Jones lives in llangullno, in Wales, and has this lovely blog under the fantastically clever title of Gloria Smud. You’ll see why, and how, it got to be named thus if you have a wander round her blog. You will not be disappointed.

Debbie has been writing for quite some time, but blogging for only a short time. She will, I’m sure, become very successful with lots of avid readers. Here is your chance to read her fantastic poetry and see, and hear about her little bit of paradise.

A Magical Palace Lay me down on a blanket of white, Where tears are frozen and eyes shut tight. Feeling the tingle from cool, crisp sheets, Drifting down, silently, piece by piece. A magical palace, where earth blends with sky, And freezing stars glisten, remotely, on high. A calming, clear bitterness, fashioned from ice, Where…

via A Magical Palace — Gloria Smud