Lundi limerick #22

A vulture who lived in my tree

was a wonderful creature to see

He lived solely on steak

but kept me awake

every night when he got up to pee


Lundi limerick #17

I somehow managed to miss my regular Monday morning slot for a limerick last week.

I blame it on Christmas and New Year making me lose track of what day it was.

To compensate, for disappointing the thousands of readers I don’t have, I am offering a limerick, and a video, for this weeks charming beast.

My Quokka is always so happy

he smiles and he never gets snappy

he sleeps in the day

at night he will play

he’s a thoroughly nice happy chappie


Rapid Rhyme #6

This poem was inspired by Colleen’s post Not alone. On looking back, I find that my last Rapid Rhyme was also inspired by Colleen whose magnificent blog you can find here.

If you have not read anything of C Faherty Brown’s words, nor seen her delightful, and insightful, drawings, then I would recommend that you delve into them. Her books, too, are a joy, and her latest, “The Sentinel”, also features a tree. It truly is a magnificent story which, uncharacteristically, features not a single picture. The words themselves are picture enough.

This is what Colleen inspired:

By the tree

in the tree


you and me

went on dates


Girl and boy

fun ahoy

boy oh boy

what a joy



Shared a life

man and wife

free from strife

love was rife

best of mates