Flowers in the Snow

A beautiful, evocative, glimpse of our ephemeral lives , linked to the image of transient flowers in the snow.

No Talent For Certainty

Just flowers in the snow;
Conceived to joy, and born to grow,
To lives that ever few will know
We live, we love, we come, we go,
Just flowers in the snow.

A boy was born to parents poor,
He always dreamed of flying;
With paper, and with balsa wood,
Surroundings bad but moments good,
To his long-dream applying:
His parents wanted something more
For him: to conquer and to soar,
And so they did whate’er they could
His wish solidifying.
And when, at last, he took the skies
His life, their love, shone in their eyes
That no one now remembers, long ago —

Just flowers in the snow;
Conceived to joy, and born to grow,
To lives that ever few will know
We live, we love, we come, we go,
Just flowers in the snow.

A girl grown old, with hair of white,
Once had a dream of…

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Just an Old Soup Bowl

What a good, if very disturbing article, about changing eating habits over the years!

The happy Quitter!

soup dish

It all started out with an old soup dish that I found at a resale shop, it reminded me of the soup bowls we used when I was a child. They were so much smaller than the ones I have in my kitchen cabinet now. Come to think of it, everything was smaller back then and so were we.

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Tim Minchin – Commencement Address (brilliant)

If you do know who Tim Minchin is you will read this.
If you don’t know who he is then your life could be enhanced by finding out.
He really is a talented, nice, respected, clever, humorous guy.
If you have 20 minutes to spare then this is a good way to fill those minutes. Believe me.

Ward Clever

Perfect address. Just watch. I can’t improve on this! He’s Tim Minchin, yes, the same man who wrote Drowned, one of the two songs I consider the saddest. He’s actually a comedian and musician, among other things.

There are no lyrics, per se.
However, if  you’d prefer to see the edited version, then watch it here!  Right here! Right below this line!

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The Hopes of Many

A perfect reflection of society today – sad to say!

Read this, and other fine words from Owen, the Beleaguered Servant.

No Talent For Certainty

The hopes of many dwell in shade
And shadows, by forgotten ways;
The hopes of many bills unpaid
For clemency and judgment stays

The hopes of many, beautiful,
In towns and cities, dutiful,
Where love, and death, and tears aren’t rare,
And great folk neither see, nor care

Photo / picture credit : ID 23845726 © Ankdesign | Dreamstime

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Song Lyric Sunday – Growing Old


I’ve been looking on from the sidelines for many weeks now and thought it was about time to dip my toe in the water and have a go at Helen’s Song Lyric Sunday.

This week the theme is Growing Old – something I’m quite familiar with.

I have an eclectic taste in music, having grown up with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Who, moving on to Motown, ELO, and I even moved into the 70’s, 80’s. 90’s, and Noughties, and appreciate SOME rap.

Today’s choice is a brand new group of very young, and I mean VERY young, people called Superorganism.

They do not have many songs out yet, but trust me, they will have.

You may think “What can they possibly know about Growing Old?” Well see what you think in their song Nobody Cares. Carry on beyond the first song and you will be hooked. Look up their live performances. You WILL love them.

“Nobody Cares” is the third single from the London/Maine collective group Superorganism. Although appearing to have a pessimistic tone with the idea that ‘nobody cares’, the song actually holds an optimistic outlook that you can be whoever you want to be without having to worry what other people may think about you. Surely that is what growing up is all about?

[Verse 1]
Incomplete without tearing up all of the sleeves
Nobody cares
You look fine, no I don’t, let’s consult our favorite recipe
Nobody cares
Oh no, nobody cares

[Verse 2]
Out we go into the world of scary eyes and lies
Low key baby, I’m never feeling quite alright
Nobody cares
Oh no, nobody cares
Oh no, nobody cares

How am I to care, how am I to care
How am I to care when nobody else does

[Verse 3]
Sweet relief when you grow up and see for yourself
Nobody cares
Have a drink, have a smoke, do whatever you need to unload
Nobody cares
Oh no, nobody cares

[Verse 4]
Record skip, tripping over, falling up the stairs
Awkward kids putting gel into their greasy hair
Nobody cares
Oh no, nobody cares
Oh no, nobody cares
How am I to care, how am I to care
How am I to care when nobody else does


Lyrics courtesy of “Genius”




On Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at

It is imperative that you all join in with the marvellous rendition of “On Ilkley Moor baht ‘at”. I will know if you don’t!

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

Where have you been since I saw you, I saw you? On Ilkley Moor without a hat

This week I went up to the moor, Ilkley Moor, where the  far reaching views are particularly beautiful, especially on a bright and clear sunny autumn day such as this one.

View from the moor

In my teens I did some walking on the moor with a group from the youth club.

Also in my teens and with friends, I came up to the isolated Cow and Calf hotel that stands almost at the top. We came to the disco nights that mushroomed in the 60s. The discotheque was in the large basement and occasionally there were live bands, complete with psychedelic and strobe lighting.

IMG_4953Ilkley Moor is part of the larger Rombald’s Moor, and lies directly above the lovely spa town of Ilkley, the moor is also home to a series of fascinating ancient monuments.

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Quarter Life What?

What crisis?

If I owe everyone an apology, then I apologise most sincerely. I’m sure that I was, and am, part of the problem!

An issue very much in the news. Read all about it in Ray’s great post here.

Mitigating Chaos

Just when I got to a point in my life that I thought there was nothing left to shock me or leave me scratching my head, I wake up this morning and while perusing my morning reading list, I came across an article on LinkedIn entitled, Quarter Life Crisis, You Are Not Alone.

This falls under the “scratching my head” category.  th

The article is a compilation of several viewpoints about the stresses of being in your mid-twenties- early 30’s. Having three daughters that fit loosely in that range, I will choose my comments very, very carefully.

The page starts off with, “According to a LinkedIn research, 75% of 25-33 year olds have experienced a quarter-life crisis, often related to feeling as if they were at a crossroads in their career”

Crossroads of their career?  It seems to this old man, still struggling to get his arms around his white…

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The People Are The Difference

A lovely article, written by a lovely man, and shared by another lovely man, and I know neither of them, nor have I met them. It’s often the little things that make the biggest impact.

Mitigating Chaos

There was “something about Aiken” that I first noticed during my visits in early 1999.  We were considering buying the funeral homes and cemetery there and surely didn’t want to make a bad decision.   I didn’t feel the stress we sometimes felt in Columbia, where we had lived for three years. Aiken was different.  This guy and his wife, both from New Jersey, took the leap, purchased the businesses and moved to a beautiful, small Southern city.  th-3

Funeral service, like many businesses,  depends on the building of trusting relationships and following through on promises made.  I was fortunate to get acquainted with many community leaders and their help, guidance and example were invaluable. For me, it was the people that made Aiken different.

One of those people/leaders was Jeff Wallace. Jeff was the editor of The Aiken Standard for most of the years we owned our businesses.  We…

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Anecdote Time for TBT

Amusing anecdotes from Gun Roswell. Go on, you know you need a laugh!

Rantings Of A Third Kind

Posted in Anecdotes/Throwback Thursday

“As we grow older, our bodies get shorter and our anecdotes longer” Robert Quillen

Anecdote Time:

Never judge a book by its cover. A paperback can be just as entertaining as hardcover.

If you want to dwell in the past, buy yourself a time machine.

You have to learn how to walk before you can run. I found out that the hard way after my hip-surgery.

Looking into a mirror is like… Well, you obviously need to take a selfie!

Time, time, precious time, where have you gone? Don’t tell me, you lost your watch again?

In my youth, the grass was always greener, food tasted better and life was much happier… Then we woke up and put the dog out to pee.

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes… Be damned sure they are the same size as your own ones!

Today, I woke up, the…

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