A writer, playwright, and blogger who has run with the olympic flame and completed the 2016 London Marathon. Wow! Read her story here.

The Debbie Watkins

This is not strictly writing related, but perhaps it is because it is written.  Yesterday I had the privilege to run the London Marathon.  Yes it was a privilege, because I had a place and many people I know didn’t get one.

I told very few people.  Why?
It is hard enough training for a marathon without having people asking how the training is going.  People mean well, but it is pressure I didn’t need.  I wasn’t running for charity, so I didn’t need to fundraise.  I also didn’t have to answer the dreaded time question.  As I told the Welsh running club on the train to Blackheath, I wanted to finish today.  Preferably before my train home.  As someone from Team Derby Runner says:  ‘It’s the finish line – not the finish time’.  Often there is far too much pressure on gaining a time and all running should be…

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