Lundi limerick #64

Looe is in Cornwall m’dear

it’s famous for nothing I fear

A small coastal town

of little renown

but isn’t its name rather queer


And here it is .

Lundi limerick #62

Limericks are normally light hearted, mildly humorous, often tongue in cheek, and slightly risqué. This one is not any of those. For whatever reason, this came to mind and it makes me rather sad. I shall not analyse, or explain, any more than that!


Jenny from Jarrow was sad

she’d argued with Mum and with Dad

She’d never felt right

and had told them in fright

that she desperately felt like a lad

Lundi limerick #59

Serendipitous Sally from Gwent

knew not what the word really meant

She thought she was lucky

and really quite plucky

but that is as far as it went


Handy hint
serendipity. If you find good things without looking for them, serendipity — unexpected good luck — has brought them to you. Serendipity does not come from Latin or Greek, but rather was created by a British nobleman in the mid 1700s from an ancient Persian fairy tale.


Lundi limerick #56

The City of Derby, which is 10 miles from where I live, is pronounced DARBY.

There once was a man lived in Derby

who thought he was married to Barbie

He bought lots of things

including some rings

and wondered how much would a car be?

I shall be visiting Derby today to meet up with ex work colleagues for our regular get together where we commiserate with the only one who is still working. We will enjoy a quiet lunch together (well sometimes we are quiet!), try to put the world to rights, and discuss our various ailments and aches. It will also give me a chance to go to see The Knife Angel.