Lundi limerick #70

Irascible Ruth came from Ryde

she was often quite angry inside

She once took a rope

and tied up the Pope

when questioned by police she just lied


“I know nothing about this vile crime

it was made up to service this rhyme

I just could not cope

with binding the Pope”

but now she is serving the time!

Lundi limerick #62

Limericks are normally light hearted, mildly humorous, often tongue in cheek, and slightly risqué. This one is not any of those. For whatever reason, this came to mind and it makes me rather sad. I shall not analyse, or explain, any more than that!


Jenny from Jarrow was sad

she’d argued with Mum and with Dad

She’d never felt right

and had told them in fright

that she desperately felt like a lad