Sunday sayings #23


A good aim in life. One that I started a long time ago.

I have trouble with the “healthy” sometimes, and I am never going to be awesome!


Whats In A Picture?

A perfect description of why photography is so important to us. Not a selfie in sight, just a beautiful cross section of John’s life, and reason for being!

John David Ray

My interest in photography started with my first trip across the country. So much was new, so many places and sights I had never seen but for pictures. It was then that I started to understand the power of a photograph. I think back to reading National Geographic as a child and dreaming of all the places I could go, drawn in to the story with the images captured by those who had actually been there. The imagination of a child is a blessing we should nurture in youth, and desperately try to hold on to as adults for it brings forth a passion for all things simple and pure.


Something as simple as sitting in a diner that you have been to many times gives a feeling of comfort, a harmony with your past reflected on the page in color. Each pixel a small part of what your existence…

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Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 31/12/17 – Sugar/Candy

SLSSugar/Candy is Helen’s theme for this week.

Very appropriate for this time of year. I’m sure many of us will have overindulged on such delicacies.

One delicacy, from my early twenties, was Lyndsey de Paul. A singer, and very successful songwriter, of my own age. It was easy to fall in love with such a sweet creature. I think she and I would have been perfect together but, alas, we never met. She remained unmarried, despite being romantically involved with Dudley Moore, Chas Chandler, Roy Wood, Ringo Starr, James Coburn, Bill Kenwright, Dodi Fayed, Sean Connery, George Best, Bernie Taupin, and David Frost. She was very independent and had a keen sense of humour, being friends with Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine, and Michael Palin.

You may well have never heard of this lady. She did, however, write many chart topping songs for herself, and for others, having started out designing album covers.  Her first chart success was with the song I’ve chosen here. This version is a live rendition on Top of the Pops in 1975, at a time when most artists mimed to their records.

Sugar Me – Released in 1972

One for you and one for me
But one and one and one
Pardon me – comes to three
Looking sweet and all the while
Hid behind the smile was saccharine
I’m a go between

Save me, save me
Baby, baby sugar me
Gotta get my candy free
Sugar me by day
Sugar me my baby, baby sugar me
Gotta get my candy free
Sugar me by day, sugar me by night
Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar

Count me in from one to two
But nothing more or less will do
Just me and you
Honey sweet and harmony
Will melt away the bitter memory
It’s gotta be

Save me, save me
Baby, baby sugar me
I gotta get my candy free
Sugar me by day
Sugar me my baby, baby sugar me
I gotta get my candy free
Sugar me by day, sugar me my night
Sugar sugar sugar sugar

Save me, save me
Baby, baby sugar me…

Songwriters: Barry Green / Lynsey De Paul

Sugar Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC



Next Year and Forever

Sending this seasonal, succinct, second hand sentiment because it is far better than I could have put into words. Happy New Year!

The happy Quitter!

Related image

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

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Sunday sayings #16 and a bit more


Particularly at this time of year!

However, there is always lots to be thankful for. Family, friends, a warm home, good food, and YOU.

I’m really grateful for all of my followers, and for those that I follow, on WordPress.

I love the humour, the candour, the help, the advice, the comments, the really serious posts, the absolutely zany posts, the travel, the food, the photos, the recommendations. Some blogs I read every single word, some blogs I dip in and out of, some I visit infrequently. I consider you all as friends.

Thank you one and all, and may I wish you (an early) Happy New Year. I hope that 2018 brings good health, peace, contentment and as much success in your writing/blogging as you would wish.



Best Choice|بهترین انتخاب

A lovely story that is international, although, in this instance, comes from Iran.

A Voice from Iran

Three old men knocked on a door.


A young woman opened the door.


The Three old men said: “We are hungry and tired, could you help us?”


She responded: “My husband and son are inside the house and we would be glad to help you.”


One of the old men said: “My name is WEALTH, that one is SUCCESS and the other one is LOVE. Only one of us can come in. Go and ask your husband which one of us should come to your house.”


She walked back inside and told the circumstances to her husband and son.

Her husband said: “Let the wealth in. We need that. We can do anything with wealth.”


She said: “Why not to let the success come in. We can have wealth if we’re successful.”

Their son said: “We should let the love in. A home is home when it is full of…

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The not so Old Girl and The Sea

A reblog of a reblog.
A long post but really worth the read.

Tales from the Romulan Neutral Zone

It started with a Hashtag.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the tributary streams of our modern world flowing into the big river of awareness. Then the conventional media outlets caught on and before we knew it, the Weinstein dam broke and it was Land Under in Hollywood.

I’ll admit, my brain went into ‘white noise’ mode after the first few hundred Tweets. It seemed yet another sad, frustrating déjà vu moment in history – I’ve already seen this, and not once but twice, three times … it’s like we’re forming a brave bucket brigade on the Titanic, shouting encouragement to each other while that sad, lonely SOS echoes over the frozen Atlantic. If anybody out there really gave a damn, wouldn’t they have answered by now?

So, I was resigned to have another talk with my teenage girls about why life isn’t fair,

Related image

about politics and the legal system, and that there…

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A Little Dark. . but very good

Dark, but cute post from Ray, with an added bonus of great music and a link to a blogger who sadly died in February 2017. It’s well worth a look at Gerard Vlemming’s site, if only his last full post on 9th February, just before his death on 25th.

Mitigating Chaos


A little dark, but cute nonetheless. This is what it might look like if the tables were turned for a day. (This photo came from  the late Gerard Vlemmings, who was a blogging visonary with his The Presurfer Blog.)

What would they be listening to as they opened their humans?  Trans Siberian Orchestra, of course.  (I’ve seen them live on three occasions. By far, the best shows I have ever been to and you should catch them if you can)


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