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Healthy, mouthwatering ,gluten free, figure friendly, easy Indian fusion recipe! Resolution : To lose the extra pounds. Yes, my New Year’s resolution, once again! Hard as it is to lose weight, what complicates things for me further is that I like warm, spicy food in the winter time. So the salads I enjoy in the summer […]

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If you have never stopped by Kelly’s blog you are missing out on some beautiful glimpses of a life well lived and thoroughly enjoyed. Why not share in a bit of the joy?


I spend a lot of my spare time just watching the animals here. Most of the time, it is just for pure entertainment.Here is a goat playing King of the Castle…

She did that for a good hour, jumping on the back of any ewe that was lying down and challenging any lamb that came up to her.Or how about the ducks…

…that bravely linger by the dogs, stretching out their necks, hoping to sneak a piece of dog food. They use their beaks to nuzzle through the wool of resting ewes to find bits of grain in the winter; in the summer, they gingerly pick  flies off of their legs. The one in the picture was just poked in the eye.


Or those precious first moments, like this curious lamb that snuck up onto a sleeping Simmie. Note the little goat that was about to lay down with her.

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It’s Wanting What You’ve Got….*

Count your blessings! Cameron, a highly inspiring blogger does so here. Read his thoughtful words and then check out his blog. He’s got a marvellous story to tell.

The worlds biggest fridge magnet

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Today brings us yet another start to a new week. A week where anything is possible.

And that is what I want to talk about today.

We some of us go through life hitting ourselves over the head with a metaphorical book of “should have and should have not’s” wondering if we will ever learn from our mistakes, if we will ever get to where we want to be. If we will ever achieve what we truly think should be ours to achieve and if we will ever be content.

Well, nowadays the way I see it is that life is a journey and not a race. It took me years to realise that life is to be enjoyed as much as you can. Not to be searching for something that is always “just out…

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I am reblogging this very powerful life statement from:

I think you may enjoy it and empathise!


A life is not important except

in the impact it has on other lives.
~ Jackie Robinson ~

I posted this quote a few days ago. The words resonated so much truth. My mind keeps coming back to this statement so I thought I would revisit the post and see if I can expand on the thought of Mr. Robinson.

Throughout our lives we will leave a little bit of ourselves with everyone we encounter on our journey. At the end of this lifetime it will not matter whether we became famous or rich. It won’t matter how much education we achieved. It won’t matter if we lived in the “right” neighborhood, who we may have married or what we did for a living. The only two things that will matter is what did we learn and what was it that we left behind.

Did we stand up for what was right or were we afraid to speak?
Did we search for our truth or believe what we were told?
Did we show kindness and love in our interactions with others?
Were we grateful for our abundance or did we greedily want more?
Did we show mercy when we could have chosen to retaliate?
Did we choose peace?
Did we take the time to truly listen?
Did we love deeply?
Did we share our abundance not expecting anything in return?
Were we accepting of ideas and lifestyles that didn’t agree with ours?
Did we help those in need or revile them for being lazy?
Everything and everyone we encounter has a lesson in it that may not be obvious to us at first. Our reaction will tell us if we choose to learn. Being stuck in a traffic jam with our children in the back seat can teach us and them patience. Giving the last of our cash to a homeless person and taking the time to talk to him, can teach generosity and love and compassion. We come across so many opportunities every day to leave a positive impression in people’s lives.

When my time is done here and I go home I would like to think that I lived a life that demonstrated all of the best human qualities, for my highest good and the good of all. I do fail sometimes, I know that. Not living to our highest potential can be a hard reality to face. To take a look at aspects of our character that we may not want to see can be difficult. It’s important though, don’t you think?