Lundi limerick #69

A lady from Quoit that I knew

manufactured a horrible brew

Drink more than one glass

and you’d fall on your ass

then end in a terrible stew,_Cornwall

Lundi limerick #68

A lady from Plymouth I know

she lived in a tent on the Hoe

just under the lighthouse

she built a new shitehouse*

and charged folk a penny to go


*Also known as a shithouse. Generally means an outside toilet.

Lundi limerick #62

Limericks are normally light hearted, mildly humorous, often tongue in cheek, and slightly risqué. This one is not any of those. For whatever reason, this came to mind and it makes me rather sad. I shall not analyse, or explain, any more than that!


Jenny from Jarrow was sad

she’d argued with Mum and with Dad

She’d never felt right

and had told them in fright

that she desperately felt like a lad