Video: Mr Blue Footed Booby

This is way beyond my humble mind’s imaginings. A sublime creation. Sit back and marvel.

Vox Populi


From the director: “This short film is an invitation to a lucid dream. Let’s take dinner together!”

Written and directed by Gino Imagino

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To Not-Feel

How many times have you wished “just to not feel” something? More than a few I would guess. Owen’s poem expresses this so well.

No Talent For Certainty

And oh, the desire to not-feel, just
to not feel —
This is a feeling that I know well,
I know it very well.

This wasn’t the way it’s supposed to be:
This shadow that lingers of what was me,
Existing in dreams that have flown away,
Chased out by flare that is
Each and every
Day —

And, oh, the desire to not-feel, just
to not feel —
To break off the edge of the rage
That I can’t quell.

But maybe in music, or words of grace,
By the friend-surprised look, or the upturned face,
I can lighten the load of another, though
My own weighs me down
Every where
I go —

An, oh, the desire to not-feel, just
to not feel —
To live in a world where the hatchet
Never fell.

The dreams in my head are a world apart,
The words you see now…

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