Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 02/12/2018 – last

img_1345-3Helen has been less than 100% for a while, but she still manages to keep us on our toes trying to come up with songs that fit her weekly theme. Well done Helen, and I hope that the bugs disappear in plenty of time for you to have a great Christmas.

SLS this week gives us a theme of “last”. You can see, and hear, all of the great offerings here.

I’ve chosen something completely different this week, based on the fact that I lived in Germany for many years, off and on, during the period 1969 to 1989.

The Germans love to party, and you could not escape the music of James Last. He was immensely popular for many years, and not just in Germany. How he managed to afford the salary bill for all his musicians I have no idea, but he was a consummate entertainer as you will see. His orchestra, and guests, all seemed to have a fantastic time too!

Lyrics have very little to do with my offerings this week, and I’m not even including them, but I have included something other than purely orchestral.

Just look at those clothes! I bet some of you dressed just like that! I once had a jacket with lapels that wide!

You can see James Last in the background – he’s not doing a lot of conducting, and why did everyone click their fingers in time (or not) with the music?

For a contrast, I’m adding in “The Orange Blossom Special”

If you were in Germany at the time, someone would come along and urge you to join in, so do feel free to get up and dance, sing, clap, and generally have a good time!

Both of these are untypical of James Last in general. Most of what he produced was easy listening, popular music. He produced copious quantities of LP’s, and I bought several!

I do hope you enjoy this small example of my past life.


Rapid rhyme #5

Colleen, over at The Chatter Blog, has an amazing ability to draw, and write, so succinctly and powerfully. If you’ve never seen her little masterpieces then it would be well worth a few moments to have a look.

Colleen’s post today, which you can see here, inspired me to write this rapid rhyme.

An upward glance

An upward glance
gives one a chance
to lose one’s head
or dream instead

of heavenly goals

a downward look
to read a book
gives myriad tales
of diverse scales

to feed our souls

an empty mind
I often find
relaxes me
so I can see

the way ahead!

Thank you Colleen.

Sunday “not sayings”

For the past year I have been posting a “Sunday saying” and, before that, a “Sunday sentiment”. Two years worth of not missing a Sunday post is good for me!

However, most of those posts have been “borrowed” from other sources, often from “Brainy Quotes,” although I have added my own comments it has not really been all that creative.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but, Sundays are busy days for posts. I suppose that, for some, it is the only day they have that is not full on because of work, school runs, social activities etcetera.

In addition, Facebook reminded that on 15th September 1964 I travelled to Harrogate, in Yorkshire, to join The Army Apprentices College at the start of my Army career. Just how the hell can that be? 54 years ago!

This got me thinking.

I really ought to do something a little bit creative, something that I enjoy, and something that you might enjoy too.

From tomorrow I shall offer you a “Lundi Limerick”.

I used to enter a weekly Limerick challenge, and really enjoyed it. So, look out for a little bit of silliness. That’s me:

The start of a new line of posts.

They may have some ghoulies and ghosts.

I’m sure there’ll be curses

in some of the verses

but hopefully won’t include boasts.



Thank you

This is my 500th post!

At least, that is what WordPress analytics tells me.  Although, when I checked, the figures add up to 503.

Not that I’m counting!

I have never been bothered about the statistics of my blogging, although I am surprised by the number who read my blog.

I do it for me – not for you – not for kudos – not because I want acclamation – purely because I want to.

I spend far more time on WordPress than I should. I sometimes neglect other, more important, things, but I enjoy it!

I love all of you who are reading this.  I love some of you who are not reading this. Some sites I read every single post, others I read only occasionally.

If you follow me, I will not necessarily follow you.

I worry about some of you out there.

I am particularly concerned when bloggers disappear but fully understand the reasons why. Anyway, it has nothing to do with me. But I still worry!

There are brilliant wordsmiths here, fine minds, successful authors, stupendous poets, fine artists, great photographers. People who stretch their own limits, and also mine.

Some comment threads turn into real conversations, some turn into flirting. Not mine, I hasten to add (although, to be honest…….)

Some blogs that I follow are so prolific, and so good, that I have to curtail my reading of them, very reluctantly! (but only temporarily)

I did check through the WordPress statistics and found the following:

  1. The most views (86) prize went to a re blog of a poem on March 17th 2016.  A worthy winner!
  2. I have one post that received NO LIKES whatever – you can rectify that by going to 16th September 2015!
  3. I started blogging on 11th September 2014 by telling how I had lost my big sister!

So, there you have it. My 500th post. Not very exciting, but factual.

It just remains for me to say a BIG THANK YOU for your being there, for reading my blog, for being my friend, for giving me interesting and informative posts to read.(and, honestly, I will eventually let you know why I was crawling under the Queen’s bed!)


Sunday sayings #34


Life was oh so simple once, I knew its every whim,

but now it seems we need more rules, it’s getting really grim.

What became of common sense, fair play, and honesty?

We seem to have forgotten just how precious life can be!


The youngsters blame the older folk, the oldsters blame the young,

what became of tolerance, we’re all so highly strung?

We seem to analyse each move, and everything we do.

I used to understand my world but now I have no clue!

Parking the mind

I particularly enjoy the poetry of Frank Hubeny, and he often includes a recording of his reading of his original work. He normally includes his own photographs to enhance the overall experience, and they are always a delight.

I wish I had his talent.

Today, he posted Walking to the Botanic Garden, a haibun, which combines prose and haiku. I know it sounds complicated but, believe me, it isn’t. As usual, Frank began, and ended, with his own photographs that perfectly frame the whole experience.  Follow the link, above, to see why I love Frank’s poems.

I commented on today’s haibun as follows:

I don’t park my mind, I just let it wander all by itself. Not only does it seem perfectly capable of wandering during the day, but it also wanders a great deal most nights too, and it is kind to me in that it holds the memories for me to consider later!

That struck me as profound,  and I thought I should record the thought, if only for my own peace of mind!