About – a bit more still

After an idyllic childhood, spent in wide-open spaces in the countryside, Peter left school in 1964 with no idea what he wanted to do. He joined the Army to give him time to think, and, after giving it due consideration, he left 28 years later, having served as an electronic engineer and, later, as a military accountant.

While he was thinking further about what career path to choose he took a 50% cut in salary to spend 2 years in education administration. This was at a time when schools had started to manage their own budgets, with insufficient funding.

Having experienced the need to make teachers redundant, in order to balance the budget, Peter thought “sod this for a game of soldiers” and moved to Methodist Homes for the Aged.

This delighted Peter’s Mum, as she had always secretly hoped that he would become a Methodist Minister. In her mind, this was the next best thing. It came just in time, as she died 10 days after he started the job!

Peter joined MHA as they were moving the administration of income processing into their Head Office. He had a unique, and very satisfying, opportunity of learning a role, recruiting someone to fill that post, and then moving on to a new role and so on. As the organisation grew, so did the Income Section and also the income handled, reaching over £120 million a year by the time he retired on 19 January 2012.

Peter particularly enjoyed interviewing and mentoring throughout his unplanned career and feels privileged to have served his country, his community, and older people.

In retirement, Peter manages to keep himself busy with a bit of gardening, a walk every day, a little photography and an active blog. He also finds a bit of time to continue helping older people, as the hands on Chairman of the oldest charity in Nottingham.

Erica, his wife of over 40 years has noted a complete lack of any mention, as has his daughter, Claire. They are not surprised!

Peter, however, would admit that his life would have been so much poorer without them.


9 thoughts on “About – a bit more still

  1. Well, Peter. I was a Free Methodist. I think you’re enjoying your self and doing what you like to do. Good to read more about you. Have you thought of publishing your limericks? I self-published my poetry.

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      1. You should, Peter. Do you know the process of publishing on Amazon? Let me know and I could email you some info. Your limericks are good so they don’t need editing unless you want to.
        You can publish limericks alone, or add some background to some or all the limericks.
        If there are themes, you may want to organize them in themes.

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