Freedom with a full tummy

Earlier today I went into my shed to get bird seed to replenish the feeders.  Most seed is stored in bins which are rodent proof but I had stored a small bag of sunflower seeds in a plastic bucket, covered over.  

I found a small mouse doing a pretty good impression of a motorcycle going round the wall of death.  He had obviously jumped in and had a feast but then found it impossible to climb the smooth sloped sides to get out again.  Because he may have been a relative of my friend Melissa I helped him out!  Not before we had a little conversation though.


The mouse ran round and round and round

He said “Hey mister here’s a pound

To let me out, to set me free

No-one will know, just you and me

I have a wife and kids at home

They always hate it when I roam

But roam I must, to find the food

To fill my belly, feed the brood

And what would happen may I ask

If I’m not there to do this task

My wife would starve, the kids would die

No-one will know, just you and I”

36 thoughts on “Freedom with a full tummy

  1. Aw Peter, that is so sweet. I always feel sorry for mice too. They only do what they have to to exist. I even put flies outside rather than kill them. But I shall offer ticks no quarter!!!

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  2. I put my hand down into the puppy food on Saturday and was startled by a furry sensation. I yanked out my hand and looked down to see what I first thought was a prank–a toy mouse. Nope. It was a very real, very petrified mouse. Almost as startled as I was. I think it was trapped too in the plastic bag. So I relocated it to the back porch. I am sure it is back in the house by now, but I have now put the food in a plastic bin.

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  3. Aw, what a sweet relationship, you two! Thank you for helping him, Peter! And your poem about him…I’m sure he’d love to hear it! 🙂 Mice-ies have a bad rep and I understand why some people don’t like them. I think they are cute…and even cuter if they are not in the house! HA! 😀
    🐁 🐭 🐁
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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      1. Ah geez… You best have another discussion with him stressing the importance of his not taking up his G X 25 Grandfather’s bad habits… if he wants to keep this roof over his head…

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