Rasputin? Moi?

This is in response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #235 where the given word is Mirror and the word count is 95.

You can find all of the great entries here.








Of course, that is not true at all. I have shared various images of myself over the years and I am sure that they convey all sorts of thoughts and perceptions or, indeed, none at all.  Why should Rasputin enter into my ponders? He was not as handsome as I am and I’m pretty sure he was not a nice man to know. I am!  Now – is that presumptious? Of course it is, but who am I to care about that, or why………







37 thoughts on “Rasputin? Moi?

      1. Or you could have gone with Rembrandt, apparently he painted himself before the mirror on at least 40 occasions.

        You’re right though, you are far too nice to be on a par with Rasputin.
        Very clever Peter – Nicely done!

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    1. There is nothing to get Janet. If you look at the categories it includes “Silly slices of my mind” and a Tag of “Silliness”. It was a response to a prompt and includes two acrostics for the word MIRROR.


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