One is one and two is too

And so are three and four

Then comes five and six and seven

Then eight and nine and more

Our days are numbered: very few

In years three score and ten

Translated into days perhaps

you’d think a lot, but then

It is actually only twenty five thousand five hundred and sixty eight days

At approximately 8.20am today I was:

26,916 days old

645,984 hours old

38,759,040 minutes old

2,325,542,400 seconds old

Don’t waste a second!

30 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Relax on all this aging stress
    No more sadness and distress
    W H Davies said it best
    A long time ago when he pressed:
    “What is this life if full of care
    We have no time to stand and stare?”
    So cut out all calculation
    Retire – it’s all vacation.

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    1. I’ll try to be more ultra cool
      so no-one takes me for a fool
      All this counting’s made me weak
      I find that I can hardly speak
      It matters not how many hours
      I’ve walked this land of leafy bowers
      Suffice to say I’ll called a halt
      and pour myself a single malt!


    1. Doing maths is never a waste of time. We all enjoy dividing our time amongst family and friends, multiplying the love shared, adding joy to people’s lives, and taking away their hurt and worries! Now isn’t that philosophical for a 646, 012 hours old person!

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      1. I have to disagree. 5 X 40 minutes per week of every school term time was in my case a monumental waste of time as I never understood a thing. You’re talking to someone who got 6% for Mock OL. Though I admire your creative use of mathematical terms!

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