That was then – This is now

Linda, Angie, Paul, and Pete

one had spots and smelly feet

another stuttered all the time

one took up professional crime

Do I know which one, or not

I’ve no idea, ‘cause I forgot

It’s just that they were pals of mine

The details dim, but that is fine

Although the memories fade away

What lingers helps to light my day


Linda, Angie, and Paul do exist, as do I. I have no recollection that any of us had spots, smelly feet, a stutter, or were ne’er do wells. I do know that they were excellent co workers and friends without whom I could not have done my job. There were others, of course, but these three have a particularly special place in my life!

Although it can be very pleasant to look back on our youth in later years it is never a good idea to try to compare one with the other. Times change, circumstances change, and our perceptions change. I like to try to live in, and for, the moment, and to enjoy it, and help others to do so too!

30 thoughts on “That was then – This is now

  1. So many friends come and go and help to make those memories that make us smile… or not!

    Lately, I think a lot about old friends, but there is no way I want to go back. I’m happy to leave things as they are and like you I live for the here and now

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    1. I think we have to do this now, more than ever. There is a modern tendency to worry about every problem in the world and to take on all the woes. I am very philosophical now and try not to go down the paths of “what ifs” .

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  2. Yep! That was then, this is now
    And “How time flies! Holy cow!”
    Angie, Linda, Pete and Paul,
    You are aging one and all.
    Thank goodness, though, never fear –
    You’re so much wiser, that is clear.

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      1. This could go on and on and on,
        ‘til all the poets are long gone.
        Would then we shift to simple prose?
        Such things may happen; but who knows?
        Perhaps we’d find no words to use?
        It all depends upon the muse!


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