An even match!

This week’s #writephoto is below. Check out the rules and all of the fabulous entries by clicking on the link.

They hadn’t spoken for centuries.

Each would sneak out in the dead of night, hoping to destroy as much as they could.

What was the purpose? 

Why did they hate each other so much?

What was the ultimate objective?

They didn’t know.

They didn’t care.

They just knew……………..

They were arch enemies!

27 thoughts on “An even match!

  1. HA! I snort-laughed! 😀 A fun, clever, and perfect poem to pair with that photo, Peter!
    OOH! Arch enemies…like Sherlock Holmes vs Professor Moriarty, Superman vs Lex Luthor, James Bond vs Blofeld…HA! 😛
    First arch: “OOH, I hate you so much!”
    Second arch: “Well, I hope you collapse!”

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