Unforeseen nice things

Sue at Nan’s Farm and GC at themainaisle.com post a weekly prompt each Wednesday inviting us to participate in any way we choose.

The prompt this week is Unforeseen.

In my back garden (yard) I have several bird feeders which I keep regularly stocked with all sorts of seed, nuts, suet, fat balls, and dried mealworms. I have a feeding station, feeders in trees, feeders under arches, and ground feeders. Not forgetting, of course, four separate water feeders/baths. The birds really do feed well, and sometimes the odd squirrel will decide to wreck everything in sight to partake of the feast. My ground feeders also cater for hedgehogs, the odd feral cat, and even foxes.

The downside to having so many feeders is that I am constantly having to weed underneath them. Oh, I know that I could buy “No mess, no grow” seed but really it tends to be very poor quality and often very dusty and so is prone to getting damp and clogging up or going mouldy (and yes, we do put a u in mouldy in the UK, just like we do in favourite, neighbour, and many many more words) The birds do try to help out by fossicking under the feeders to hoover up any stray seed and fat. All this tends to do is to leave a very bare patch underneath.

Sometimes I miss seeing that something has started to sprout in the garden that I have not planted, and I end up with unforeseen growth. I once had some very healthy, and rampant, plants that had very distinct shaped leaves and which I could have sworn I’d seen on a drugs awareness course I had attended. They composted very well – honest!

This year the birds have left some unforeseen, but very welcome, sunflower plants. They’re not daft – they know that they will produce food for later on!

32 thoughts on “Unforeseen nice things

  1. The first summer I was here, I also had sunflowers and looked forward to more, but now I can’t even grow them intentionally. I think creatures dig for the seeds. What did come as a surprise and only because my lawn cutters are a little irregular, is a corn crop…as in maize. We put maize out but it is chopped up…at least we thought so. Not that we will ever get an actual cob. It’s very scruffy, but oh well!

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  2. OH! How wonderful, Peter! What a beautiful surprise!
    Birds seem to be great seed-planters! 😉 Now if we could only get them to water, weed, and tend the garden! 😉
    We put out a seed and grain mixture that the bunnies LOVE…seems the birds love it, too. So between them they eat it all up before anything can sprout! 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. How lovely Peter! What a bounty of beauty in your yard (garden). I purpose planted some giant sunflowers (one got about 15 feet tall) sunflowers at the corners of my house. Then, randomly, small sunflowers of a different variety randomly grew in the middle of our yard behind the house. I thought it was a very good sign. 🙂 We left them all for the birds.

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  4. What a lovely yard! No wonder you’re inspired to write the things you do. I can remember my grandmother raving about all the lovely birds and flowers. As a child, I didn’t understand what she was getting so worked up about, but as I “matured”, I decided she was right. Few things give me the burst of joy that the first robin I see in spring does.

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