New baby

I love your little fingers and I love your little toes

I love your dimpled chin and your little button nose

I even love your whimpering and all your wild kerfuffles

And probably the best of all I love your snores and snuffles

But p’raps there’s one or two things that annoy me all to hell

I hate it when you vomit ‘cause I cannot stand the smell

There’s one thing that would really make me very very happy

And that’s the day you learn to live without that dreadful nappy!

33 thoughts on “New baby

  1. It’s lovely, Peter! My daughter and son-in-law tried so hard to toilet trained my older granddaughter who will turn four next month. When she was not ready, she was not ready. Just before she turned three, the magical moment happened!! ❤

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  2. HA! Love this poem! Poet-ed by one who knows those little bundles well! 😉 😀
    Maybe it’s just me…but I didn’t mind the poohing and the spewing…HA! And having been a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher, being a mom, being a grandma, etc…I’ve dealt with my fair share of both. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 😀

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    1. We only ever tried it once Sue, and since our daughter wisely chose not to have children, due to multiple health issues, we have only ever had granddogs and grandcats. I’m not sure that flying home from Gibraltar with a five and a half week old baby was the best start! This was a nostalgic ponder on babies in general!

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      1. I do remember your situation and Claire’s health issues.

        I’ve been very fortunate to have had more than my fair share of babies and grandbabies.

        I take it the journey from Gibraltar was not a quiet one!

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      2. Claire decided to fill her nappy on the final descent. We were stopped at Customs and had to open every bag, every box, and every pack of baby necessities whilst trying to console Claire who just wanted to be cleaned up. I could have willingly committed murder!

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