A day at the beach | Peter Matthews — Whispers and Echoes

Please click on the link below to read my “A day at the beach” in 10 lines!

Puffy white clouds avoiding the crowds buckets and spades put on the shades ice creams we lick `em seagulls they nick `em toddlers shout family day out sun, sea, and sand isn’t it grand! Peter Matthews, a country boy at heart, lives with his wife of 47 years in the suburbs of Nottingham, England.  His greatest […]

A day at the beach | Peter Matthews — Whispers and Echoes

23 thoughts on “A day at the beach | Peter Matthews — Whispers and Echoes

  1. Oh you lucky folks who lived near a beach and an ocean or sea. My first experience at a seaside was at the age of 13 and I was shocked at how kids played in the sand and trotted out into the waves lapping on the shore. Truly an amazing experience for a kid from dusty and dry west Texas. Great poem, Peter.

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    1. We are never far from the sea in the UK Margo and it is always possible to have a day trip to paddle. The village that is further from the sea than any other human settlement in the UK is Coton in the Elms, Derbyshire. One kilometre south-east is Church Flatts Farm, which is 113km (70 miles) from the nearest point on the coast, or 72km (45 miles) from the nearest tidal water.


  2. Ah, Peter, I loved your poem.
    Just two weeks of the school holidays left, I should make a big effort and gather up my family for a seaside day out, it’s the stuff memories are made of.

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      1. Funny you should suggest that. Sophie and Evie collected rubbish in their local children’s playground. Teenagers had been spotted partying in the playground the night before. Sophie posted a picture of six-year-old Evie on the Otley town facebook group with the bags of rubbish she’d collected with a request that parents teach their teenaged children to take their rubbish home and not leave it to endanger wildlife and where small children play. She got almost two hundred likes!

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      1. HA! We never did that. 😀 It was a very warm southern section of the Pacific. However, we did live at the northern end of the Pacific for a quite a few years and there it could get cold at the beach during our winter season. 🙂

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