The journey

It really was delightful, travelling alongside my wife and daughter. The sun 

shining brightly, a gentle breeze keeping the temperature just right.


Familiar sights passed us by, dreamlike in the heady scent of May blossom.


The car slowed, turned, and came to rest outside the building adorned with so many flowers.


I’m sure I could see my old friend Chris. It must be years since we last met!

Other familiar faces seemed to fill every corner of the peaceful space.


My favourite music played as we entered, and as everyone left, but me!

39 thoughts on “The journey

      1. My aunt, cousins and great aunt lived opposite St James’ hospital Leeds, much of my childhood was spent there. The street is now part of a carpark.

        A couple of times I had a dream about the ground floor building that is nearest to the road. The ward is full of dead relatives and others I knew. They are all in bed but alive. It seemed normal to see them not at all odd!

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  1. I hope Chris was there (will be, I should say!).

    Funny…..when I think of dying it doesn’t scare me. But what gets me….is knowing everyone else HERE will go do stuff that I liked doing! I hope they all go on a bike ride. 🙂

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  2. A poem about your annual check-up and now this? Peter! You’re giving me the chills. I was actually at a funeral that lasted about 7 minutes for a friend’s mother. (Another friend timed it.) The service folder was questionable because the picture was of mom with a big smile and a missing tooth. Then the daughter raced through a eulogy, the granddaughter threw out a few generalities about grandma, and then it was open mike time and no one made a move. After a few minutes, the deafening silence had the grand-daughter up to the mike once again to announce a luncheon in the next room. What a relief!!!

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    1. I see more adverts for “cremation only” funeral packages where a similar service is offered as they do for pets. They cremate the body and present the ashes to you (or dispose of them) No service, no wake. Seems to be a thing nowadays!

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      1. Wow. I wonder if it’s the pandemic that’s created that shift. I personally would like an exceedingly large group of grief-stricken people at a proper funeral for me!

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  3. I’ve often thought it would be a good idea to have a funeral service while we are still alive. We could all tell each other all those things that we should have done throughout our lives. On second thoughts, maybe not a good idea!


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