None of us are poets – Spoken Word

A couple of readers have encouraged me to do more Spoken Word Poems. An easy start is to record some of those I’ve already written. Here is Rapid rhyme #30 repeated in glorious surround sound. I hope you enjoy it.  

In case you can’t bear to listen to my voice I have included the words at the bottom.

None of us are poets, it’s very plain to see

we write some words and if they rhyme then it was meant to be

but there again if words don’t rhyme it doesn’t mean it’s prose

It may be verse, or something worse, a finger up your nose


None of us are poets, it’s why I wrote these words

to prove to you it’s very true that cows are seen in herds

A bull will come along to serve, that is his given task

He’s making love to cows all day and doesn’t have to ask


None of us are poets, I think I’ve proved that fact

but have a go, it’s fun to do, just sign the poet’s pact

Stand on your head, write with your toes, and sing a happy ditty

For those of you who think you know the rhyming word is kitty

29 thoughts on “None of us are poets – Spoken Word

  1. HA! and YAY! Creative, fun, silly, truth, Peter the Poet!!! 🙂 And such a joy to hear you read your writings! 🙂
    Don’t think myself a poet
    But I still give it a go-es
    I must admit I haven’t tried
    To write one with me toes!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 Thank you for gifting me with smiles and laughter today! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. He’s been in practice as the ring bearer but I fear he may now be intent on world domination, or maybe world dalmatian having caught him with the canine translation of Tolkein…

        Liked by 1 person

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