The good, the bad, and the ugly #2

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The Fisherman – Image by KL Caley

The good

Perfect fishing day

Caught them by the bucketload

Returned them unharmed

The bad

Constant casting, perfect calm

Fish are fasting, free from harm

What’s for dinner now no fish?

I’ll get thinner, oh I wish!

And the ugly

He’d fished here for years, first as a boy with his Dad, then as a youth while others were chasing girls, now as a man, alone. 

It was a perfect pastime. 

He loved to cast and dream, to snooze and remember, to breathe the fresh air, occasionally to catch a fish.  He loved the solitude, the perfect reflections that rippled every time he cast, or drew in his line. He even loved it when it rained and the fish rose to the surface, seeming to delight in the shower.        

He thought of it more as feeding the fish, rather than a battle of wills to lure them on to his hook. 

Over the years he’d fed them worms, grubs, and all sorts of ground bait, but the best days fishing was surely the day he’d fed them his wife!

32 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the ugly #2

  1. HA! *snort* 😛
    Is his name Hannibal Fished-her!?!?! 😮 😀
    Love this story, Peter! Got some 🤔 ‘s, 🙂 ‘s, 😁 ‘s, 😮 ‘s, and 😂 from reading it!
    I’ve always been a fish-feeder and not a fish-catcher. I give up too easily, though, as I just want to walk around the lake or sit and enjoy the view!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Oh, Peter!!! What a mind you have! Having read the first “G, B, and U”, I was bracing for a dark ending, but I definitely didn’t see this one coming. I’m happy my husband doesn’t fish.


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