Almost a Cat-astrophe

Yesterday the sky was filled with dark grey clouds and it looked very unlikely that I should get to see the annular eclipse. If we were lucky, people across the UK would be treated to views of a crescent sun as the moon appeared to partially block out the sun. In other parts of the world the “ring of fire” would be visible from places such as Canada, Greenland and northern Russia.

I was kitted out with polarised lenses for my glasses, and with my trusty camera. The only problem was that although I can look directly towards the sun with my lenses attached I cannot then see the screen of my camera so it was a case of lenses on, look at the sun, lenses off, look at the camera – repeat ad infinitum. I do not have a tripod – a lack I will have to address!

Here are the results: (My camera time is one hour behind)

31 thoughts on “Almost a Cat-astrophe

  1. OH, what wonderful captures, Peter! Absolutely beautiful! Good job! 🙂
    The clouds saw you with your camera and put on their bestest show for you! 😉
    Aw, Daisy is one smart-cat! You’re a cutie, Daisy! 🙂
    Great title! HA! 🙂 Your almost-catastrophe turned out to be purrfectly pawsome! 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. Very cool! I’m glad your persistence paid off. Our weather yesterday wasn’t the best, I think it was mizzling at that time of the day, damping down the G7 🙂


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