An Oral, Aural, Adventitious Allegory

This week’s #writephoto is

Steps – Image by Jemima Pet

The Steps of Life

(I was intending to add an audio file, but WordPress doesn’t want to play today so I’ll try later — AND HERE IT IS!)

Reflecting on the steps of life

and bridges crossed 

and all the strife

I find my thoughts are narrowed down 

to ponder why the heavenly crown 

which, meant to rest on saintly head 

came to rest, alas, instead

imperfect, soiled, and even cursed

on Satan’s brow


As I cross the ancient way

a mere eight steps

at break of day

I wander, wondering, what to do

I think, perhaps, that you do too

Why be concerned? Why take this stance?

Pause awhile and take a chance

It matters not the bubble’s burst

What say you now?


So carry on, increase the pace

traverse the void

and boldly face

whatever life can send your way

no matter what your foes may say

you’ll surely triumph o’er life’s ills

you’ll use your guile and all your skills

to salve the hurt and quench the thirst

This is my vow

39 thoughts on “An Oral, Aural, Adventitious Allegory

  1. A powerful vital vow/poem! I join you in it. It encourages me today. Thank you so much, Peter.
    I’m so grateful for each step of life.
    And I must say…it is always an honor and joy to hear you read your poems. I listened twice.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Colleen, that means a great deal to me. I think that John McGuiggan’s comment “Methodism in verse” probably holds a great deal of truth, in that Methodism is instilled in my very being whether I like it or not!


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