The final retirement

Sue at Nan’s Farm and Gerry at The Main Aisle run a weekly prompt on their shared site Weekly Prompts.

This week they have chosen RETIREMENT as the prompt.

I have just retired for the last time and it was an easy decision to make, although, in some ways, it was the hardest decision to take.

I would have difficulty in telling you how many times I have retired.  It depends how you define retirement.

In simple terms I have retired three times.

Firstly, I retired at age 45, having served 28 years 151 days in the British Army.  I know that because I have a little red book to tell me so! 

I would have preferred to carry on serving but, quite naturally, in a time of cutting the numbers of serving personnel, preference had to be given to younger, more active, men and women.

I retired from paid employment at the age of 64, a year earlier than normal at that time.  I was more than ready to retire because my role was stressful and overworked, although I enjoyed it tremendously.

With my newly found leisure I volunteered to become a trustee of a local charity that had been providing housing for ladies and gentlemen of modest means since 1708.  I have been honoured to serve, alongside my fellow trustees, for the last nine years, the last five and a half years as an active Chairman of the Board of trustees.

My latest, and final, retirement was necessary due to ill health.  I had probably (definitely according to my wife) not resigned early enough but I felt that I would be letting down my fellow trustees and the near 100 residents that we served.

Today, I received a magnificent bouquet of flowers from the charity.  I will cherish these blooms but, more than those, I will cherish all the lovely tributes I have received from my fellow trustees.

This retirement is my last.  I shall enjoy it!

52 thoughts on “The final retirement

  1. Wow! Peter, you have worked so many important jobs/careers! Giving, serving, helping!
    Happy Retirement to you, again. 😉 I’m so sorry you had to retire this time because of ill health. 😦 But, your wife is right and it’s time for you to focus on your health, on her, on your family, and other fun pursuits. 🙂
    What lovely flowers and kind wishes you received! The people you served and helped, the work you did, and the memories of all of this will carry you through! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Peter,

    Erica was correct! In one way or another, you’ve given almost a lifetime of service to others, but now it’s time to serve yourself.

    I agree with John, please do not think about retiring from blogging.

    Thank you so much, Peter for taking part in our challenge, it was timed just right for you, wasn’t it? 🙂

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  3. The bouquets are beautiful and so are the tributes. My husband too retired finally at the age of 65 in 2017. He worked as a Professor in the Dental college. First he retired at 60, he was given extension for two years and then for three years. He is enjoying his retirement.
    Hope your health problems get resolved soon.

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  4. Happy relaxing Peter! Although, you sound very much like grandad in the work respect and he found it very difficult to ‘officially’ retire, I’m not sure he knew how NOT to work! Please look after yourself and your health too though – I think you’ve put enough hours in to not feel worried about putting your feet up.

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      1. I’m good thanks – just been a busy few months at work and not really had time to drop into the blogosphere. We weirdly had more to do when the children weren’t in school!

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  5. My first stretch of real retirement began, and within a few weeks, everyone went into lockdown! At the end of January 2021, I have started my second stretch of retirement and we’re in semi-lockdown. While it’s nice that I don’t have to think about a job right now, I miss being around a lot of people. I’m sure you excelled at every job you had, Peter, and I hope you enjoy your retirement.

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