Rapid Rhyme #36

Woe is me

My tummy’s hurting quite a lot

I may not last the night

My forehead’s getting very hot

My chest is feeling tight

I think my arm is dropping off

It really feels quite weird

And now I have a tickly cough

And spittle in my beard

I’ll p’raps survive till Monday morn

But maybe I will not

I’ll just sit here, alone, forlorn

And very slowly rot!

*I don’t really have a beard!*

30 thoughts on “Rapid Rhyme #36

  1. Well I hope that sore tum of yours get better soon.
    I wonder if the vaccine has similar effects on some people just like Covid itself – such as popping back to bite us on the bum again even after a couple of weeks?

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      1. Of course you have. You told me this, I’m so sorry, forgive my covid brain.

        I hope they find out the cause pretty soon. It must be pretty unpleasant for you.

        Liked by 1 person

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