Seen on my morning walk #2

I met a poorly squirrel

now what could rhyme with that

I asked what she was doing there

and then we had a chat

Suggested she move somewhere safe

and not stay on the ground

I even helped her start to climb

close by where she was found

I came back later she was there

looking much the same

I do not think that she’ll survive

it really is a shame!

28 thoughts on “Seen on my morning walk #2

  1. Our cousin lived in the country side next to a small town. He wrote several poems a Robin, and a paper chasing dog. He delivered a newspaper, and when he checked to see the paper was safe, a dog had picked it up carrying it away.

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  2. On, poor squirrel, I hope she didn’t suffer.
    We have a lady squirrel that visits regularly, she stays for a few minutes then rushes off, minutes later she’s back for another short session. I had assumed she was gathering and storing ready for the winter. She’s the only one that does that, the others visit and stay until they’ve had their fill.

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  3. Oh! 😦 This makes me so sad. 😦
    I hope she will either recover miraculously or have a peaceful painless passing.
    We aren’t seeing as many birds these days…I think the animals here are having a hard time finding water and food. 😦

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  4. Aww, poor little squirrel. 🙁 It’s always sad to see something dead or dying, but I always try to remind myself that it is part of the natural cycle. And now I have ‘Circle of Life’ playing in my head…

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