Lundi limerick #105

Thinking of Acton I’m glad

so special to Mum and to Dad

It’s where they first met

and their future was set

Such a wondrous life they both had.


There is not a lot to be said about Acton,  a small hamlet in Staffordshire. You could so easily drive through it without knowing and yet, without its existence, I may well not have existed!

The one building that is there, an old Wesleyan Methodist Church that closed in 2003, is where my father, Charles Matthews, went to Sunday School, then to Chapel. Where he met my mother Irene Lily Matthews, née Talbot. Where they first started courting,  all very prim and proper in those days. Where Dad first qualified for his  75 years as a Methodist Local Preacher.

I will add some photographs to a later post, and give a little more detail. I thought it appropriate that for the last of my two years worth of Lundi limericks (Lundi being french for Monday, for those who hadn’t noticed!!) I should write about somewhere extra special.

Thank you Acton. Thank you Mum and Dad.




33 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #105

      1. If I were forced to move out of Quebec and into Ontario, that is the City I would choose. I absolutely love London. It’s a combination of city and suburb…

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  2. Your folks had a love that they needed to Acton! By the way, today I mentioned Edward Lear and my grandfather. It reminded me of the poem “one old ox opening oysters.” Is that one you learned?

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  3. This really is a lovely post. Isn’t is amazing how your parents might be “gone” (I’m assuming), but they still have “a say” about what you do? I expect your parents approve. Your fans certainly do. (I hope this makes sense. I’m actually not a nut. 😊)

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