A little bit of Dad

In my final Lundi limerick yesterday I used the hamlet of Acton and linked it to the fact that it played a large part in my Dad’s life.

In the process of digging out a bit of real life background, rather than the normal wikipedia, or google sources, I rummaged through the suitcase that I brought away from Dad’s house after he died at the grand age of 96.

Mum had died nearly 11 years before and everyone expected Dad to follow fairly swiftly after. He was, after all, a hard working farm labourer, who had relied on Mum for meals, clean clothes, and a welcoming home. We had all, of course, forgotten his hard upbringing, his determination, and his adaptability.

Within a couple of weeks he had bought himself a microwave. “I’ve always wanted one of these but your Mother would never have one”, he said.

He went on to cook his own meals, wash, dry, and iron his clothes, vacuum the house, and thoroughly enjoy the whole new leaf that he’d turned over. My little sister (three years older than me), who lived a few miles away, kept an eye on him, had him over for Sunday lunch and, over the coming years, gradually helped him more, according to his needs.

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a definitive history of Dad, purely an extension of the information about his link to Acton.

The suitcase I mentioned earlier has quite a few Bibles, and other books, in it, each one has a story to tell. Dad was a Methodist Local Preacher from the age of 20 until failing hearing, and health, caused him to retire, although he remained ‘on the books’ until his death, and received several certificates of Long Service, even up to 75 years service! It just could not be done nowadays!

Dad was a marvellous preacher. Inspiring, knowledgeable, plain speaking, always linking to everyday life, articulate but never verbose. In everyday life you would never dream that he was a gifted and effective preacher. He was a quiet, mild mannered man whose goodness shone out for all to see, always willing to help, support, and encourage all that he encountered.

First out of the case is a School photograph from 1922 when Dad was 12
How smart they all are, and I love the bicycle parked around the corner! Dad would have done a couple of hours work before going to school and would have many jobs to complete when he got home.
Sunday School prize that Dad received from Acton
Note the Superintendent was John Matthews, an uncle
and a 19th birthday present from an Auntie
A present from the Local Preachers Association on his recognition service as a preacher (Oct 14th 1929)
21st birthday gift to Mum
An article that appeared in the Local Preachers Newsletter after Dad died

30 thoughts on “A little bit of Dad

  1. Just lovely, Peter. They were a special generation, I think and your father was obviously extra special. The similarities with my own background are numerous, my parents being of like ages as well as the fact that my mum died first. We too thought Dad would give up, having been totally dependent but he lived till he was 93, also mastering a microwave and even a computer (albeit with considerable help and mental moans from me!). And there is also the fact that my brother…3 years older….has a home in South Africa. In other ways our experiences have been very different, but isn’t life strange. I love old photographs. My grandad was an awfully nice old man too.

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  2. Thank you for sharing the story of your dad, Peter. He was a man of determination and had great adaptability for sure. He lived for another 11 years after your mum passed away! Those bibles and books and notes are precious!

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  3. Oh, Peter, thank you for sharing your wonderful dad, and some his life stories, with us! This a beautiful tribute. I am teary-eyed. You were so fortunate to have such a dad! 🙂
    Those well-seasoned, well-read Bibles are a treasure.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. My limerick loving grandfather was an Episcopal priest and I have the prayer book my grandmother used in the ladies society. My mother walked far away from faith, but I was christened by Grandpa and it seemed to have taken. So I love their religious hand me downs.

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