21 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #32

  1. HA! I snorted! 😀 Great poem, Peter!
    I’ve done the same thing! I always pray for a strong wind to blow our fallen leaves down the street…far far far down the street! 😉 😀
    I hope you get a strong enough wind so the leaves fly far away and no one can link them to you! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…There is a famous movie that is set in the month of Oct…and the movie was filmed in the Spring… so they had to make fake autumn leaves to blow down the street…then after each take they had to collect the leaves to use again. HA. 😀

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  2. We’re definitely on the same wavelength this week with my last post and this one. I love your poem. It has such a British twist with the cup of tea in the middle.


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