Rapid rhyme #31

Owen, Beleaguered Servant, with No Talent For Certainty is a poet whose prodigious output simply amazes me.    His post, yesterday,  I’m Really Glad You’re Happy inspired me to write the following Rapid rhyme.  Do check out his poetry.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

A Rapid rhyme is one that comes to mind straight away and is not edited or amended. By their very nature they can be rough at the edges, a little unfinished, but I like them!

Incidentally, trE, of A Cornered Gurl, has taken a liking to my idea and has started to produce her own Rapid rhymes, going one better by adding an audio file to them (I’m not ready to share my squeaky voice yet!). They are great, and an example can be found here.

Here is mine, inspired by Owen.

I’m really glad you’re really glad that I am glad you’re happy

I’ll help you now in helping me to help you change your nappy*

I think you think I think you’re cute but I think you are cuter

Especially now that you have let me see your great big hooter**

I like the fact you like the fact that I like facts of fiction

I say that you will say I do and I will say good diction

I’ll state the state that you are in is really rather snappy

I’m really glad you’re really glad that I am glad you’re happy

*Nappy = Diaper

**hooter = Nose

27 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #31

  1. HA!!! This is great, Peter! And so much fun to read! I read it aloud and even Cooper enjoyed it! 😀

    I, too, am glad you defined “hooter”, because I was thinking of something else. 😮 😛 😉 When we have to change someone’s nappy we see everything The Stork saw! HA! 😀

    Thanks for the snort-laughs!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Re: Dumbestblogger’s comment
    Equal? Well, in a roundabout way.

    To my mind There will always be those above us and equally so, there will always be those who are down below!

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  3. AH!!! This is wonderful, Peter!!! And how fun! I had no idea what a rapid rhyme was…officially. Have listened to and LOVED a couple of Tre’s…but didn’t realize it was a “thing”! And from Your definition….I’ve been writing them for years not knowing that’s what I was doing! This is rockin’!!! I vote that You start recording Yours as well! Man. Y’all may have lit a fire under me to play along sometime! Thanks for the huge smile and the inspiration You just gifted! Cheers!!! 😃💕🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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