Lundi limerick #104

I’ve chosen this one for a friend

the village this week is Bell End

Some may have a keenness

to think of glans penis

Be assured this will not set a trend


Bell End is a village in the English county of Worcestershire,  situated approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) south-east of Hagley on the A491, north of Bromsgrove and close to Kidderminster Stourbridge and Halesowen. It lies in the local government district of Bromsgrove.

On the western side of the village is Bell Hall, a Victorian Gothic mansion on the site of the original manor house. It was built in 1847 for Charles Noel, later a High Sheriff of Worcestershire, by the architect Edward Smith of Oldswinford.  

The village shares its name with the British slang for the glans penis.


31 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #104

  1. I first heard this name a couple of weeks ago until then I’d not heard it used before. I had to ask what she was referring to, it’s hardly a term that would come into every day conversation!

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      1. We certainly do! If I needn’t have bothered asking her what it meant, I could have just waited for your explanation.
        I do enjoy your snippets of information that just pop up willy-nilly. 🙂

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    1. Google searches for ‘cockwomble’ levelled out to roughly 20 or 30 a week in the UK in the first half 2018, but then spiked in the 70s in mid-July. That was about the time Boris Johnson – a man with more culpability for this trend than most – resigned as Foreign Secretary.

      And now look where he is!


  2. Ok. I can’t stop laughing. I am 56 years old and somehow had never heard of “glans penis”. So I googled it. 🤣 I thought it would be an exotic flower or something! 🤣 Yup. Was gifted with a huge visual by Google just in case I didn’t understand the words. Alrighty then! That’s the kind of Friday it’s going to be! Thanks for the great limerick and the laugher that ensued! Cheers, Peter!!! 💖💖🤣

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