45 thoughts on “Apology to a spider – Rapid rhyme #28

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  2. We have a double front door (really great when you get furniture delivered), and one day we discovered a black and yellow spider had built a rather intricate web across side we generally don’t use. So we just left it there. She eventually moved on but left behind an egg sac which we transported to the natural area behind our house. It was almost a blessing…

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  3. Aw and Ha! 🕷 Love this, Peter! 🕷 Great poem!!! 🕷
    We are all guilty of accidentally walking through a spider’s home 🕷 and leaving it in shreds. 😦
    Maybe Mrs. Spider 🕷 will be sending you a bill for the damage! 😉

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  5. Here’s the truth, Peter — if I saw that particular kind of spider that is in the picture anywhere in my real life, it wouldn’t have to worry about rebuilding a web because I’d step on that little sucker so fast it would make your head spin!!! We have daddy long-legs here, and I let them live, but that one in the picture looks scary!

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  6. What a cute little spider. I’m so glad you apologised to her, although she seems to have taken the huff. Mind you, it’s not every day that a lady has her house demolished. Nice little poem, Peter.

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