Lundi limerick #102

A young man who lives in Devizes

has ears of varying sizes

They grow and they shrink

and you really would think

that he’d easily win many prizes

Devizes is a market town and civil parish in the centre of Wiltshire, England.  It has nearly five hundred listed buildings, some notable churches, a town hall and a green in the centre of the town.  The town developed around Devizes Castle, built by Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury in 1080, but it is not mentioned in the Domesday Book. Because the castle was on the boundaries of the manors of Rowde, Bishops Cannings, and Potterne it became known as the castrum ad divisas (“the castle at the boundaries”), hence the name Devizes.  

29 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #102

      1. ‘There are no devices for chipping them.’ It does not translate very well, especially as you have chips, we have crisps, you have fries, we have chips. Hope that helps rather than making it more difficult.

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      2. Ohhh….now I get it! It’s funny, but probably even more so if I hadn’t needed so much explanation. However, your limerick sent me down the Wikipedia rabbit hole following the Domesday Book. Thanks for the very enjoyable & informative Procrastination Hour!


  1. What talented ears! 😀 He should join the Ear Circus! 😉
    They say as we age…our ears and noses keep growing. 😮
    Now I shall go read about Devizes…I wonder if they grow corn there…or manufacture ear muffs… ???
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. How sad for that poor man at Devizes, having ears of different sizes. Perhaps he should invest in a hat – or grow his hair long and fuzzy. Lol Great limerick and interesting info about the town. We’ll make a point of visiting next time we’re in Wiltshire. All those listed building sound intriguing.

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