I aint no hippy!

Over on Weekly Prompts the site shared by GC, themainaisle.com and SueW,  nansfarm.net the Weekend Challenge is Flower Power!

I’ve never partaken in these challenges, but when I saw the post today it triggered an immediate poem that, under normal circumstances, would have ended up as one of my Rapid Rhymes. Since I’m here, the poem is writ, and I saw this earlier today: (which I’ll leave to Sue to explain!!!)

I thought that I would offer you:

I aint no hippy

I missed the swinging sixties

with jeans and beads and hair

They say if you remember them

it proves you were not there

Well I was wearing uniform

no jeans or hair allowed

Each day was fully occupied

we couldn’t join the crowd

At least I got past 27

there’s many folk did not

Succumbed to sex and rock and roll

and drugs including pot

Still, p’raps I made up later

or p’raps I was a saint

Afraid I am not telling

A hippie I sure aint!

33 thoughts on “I aint no hippy!

  1. By gum lad yer did alreight there
    I read it in mi best Yorkshire accent or mebe that wer mi broadest.
    Ta for linking challenge, wi cud do wi a few more like thee! 😃

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  2. Right on! A rad, fantastic, far-out poem, Peter!!! 🙂
    I’m SO glad you made it past 27 are still here entertaining us with your talents!
    I think it was a good thing to miss the negatives of that time in history!
    I was too young for all that stuff in the ’60’s. When it was going on I was swinging, riding bikes, playing with dolls, etc . 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Well I actually responded to the song “If You Come to San Francisco” and went there to visit a couple of friends who had hitchhiked there from the East Coast for the summer. We were in Haight Ashbury and it was indeed a sight to behold. I was the only person not on drugs for miles and I was fascinated by the scene. Even saw Janis Joplin perform in an alcohol sodden reckless performance.

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