Lundi limerick #99

Glossop is windy and wild

but lately the weather’s been mild

they blamed global warming

for storms not conforming

Nat Nutter* just sat back and smiled


Glossop is a market town in the High Peak, Derbyshire, England, 15 miles (24 km) east of Manchester, 24 miles (39 km) northwest of Sheffield and 32 miles (51 km) north of the county town, Matlock, near Derbyshire’s borders with Cheshire, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. It is between 150 and 300 metres (492 and 984 ft) above mean sea level, and lies just outside the Peak District National Park. It probably dates from the 7th century.

Architecturally, the area is dominated by buildings constructed of the local sandstone. There remain two significant former cotton mills and the Dinting railway viaduct. Glossop has transport links to Manchester, making the area popular for commuters.

*‘The Gnat Hole Wood, Glossop,  is very pleasant in the Summer time when there are no gnats about. The small stream of water that runs through the wood at one place forms a small pool; this was known as Old Nat Nutter’s Porridge Kettle. She had the reputation of being a witch and fortune teller and used this pool for unholy practices and incantations. She was a bogey to children.’ [Glossop Advertiser, 1913]*




26 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #99

  1. I’ve been putting in the locations you mention on imaps and using street-view to look around. There certainly is an amazing number of sandstone buildings in this place. It’s definitely a charming town.

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  2. Love the limerick and the info about Old Nat Nutter’s Porridge Kettle. We’ve never been to Glossop, although we’ve seen lots of signposts to it on our drives across the Pennines. I’ll have to add Glossop to our ‘Places to Visit’ list now. Nat Nutter sounds a great character.

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  3. I am also thoroughly enjoying reading about the places you write about. Love the name of Porridge Kettle!

    Recently my cousin and I had a long conversation about a pond that wasn’t too far from her childhood home, the one she moved from when she was ten. We played in the pond together with our siblings but have totally different memories of it. and neither of us could agree on its name! It’s no wonder that information about these places is sometimes a little vague or questionable.

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      1. I hope temporarily but we think our stays will have to be longer and not just visits. It’s difficult to leave Navasola for so long but I need to also be with family and see friends here but this virus seems to affect those desires as still quite risky.


      1. The canal system is fantastic with the aqueduct and flights of locks. It a great place for me to be while in U.K. And think that might be a while now too but I will finish the poem challenge before starting on this area.


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