RIP Peter Green

Peter Green, who has died aged 73 was, alongside Eric Clapton, widely regarded as the foremost white blues guitarist of his generation, although he became equally famous as rock’s second-most notable LSD casualty (after Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett).
He formed Fleetwood Mac in 1967.  Although initially called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, he later chose to omit his own name.
He was affected disastrously by the effects of drugs yet he always seemed to revert to the musical genius that he was whenever he picked up a guitar.
He lives on through his marvellous music, some of which you can listen to below.



7 thoughts on “RIP Peter Green

  1. I did read an article about him the other day and it sounds like his life was difficult because of drugs. It seems like there have been so many “greats” dying lately. Maybe with Covid around, some people, subconsciously, are thinking this might be a good time to check out.

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  2. Sad news, Peter, and he wasn’t that old. As you say, without the drugs things might have been different. Albatross has been at the top of my ‘favouites’ list since I first heard it in the 60s. Lovely to hear it again now.

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