Rapid rhyme #26


I’m feeling a little light-headed

My beautiful tresses have gone

I managed a barber’s appointment

Since March there have simply been none



When younger I served in the army

so never had long hair or curls

At the time it wasn’t important

the uniform attracted the girls


but later I wished I’d been able

to mirror the hippies and groups

to see what life was in the sixties

instead of being part of the troops!

48 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #26

  1. I liked the long-haired look. Love the rhyme too.

    I haven’t booked anything yet, though my hair is crying out for attention.

    Last year my hairstylist of fourteen years began coming to the house to do my hair after I told her I was leaving because the high end salon she worked at had become ridiculously expensive.

    Now everything has changed and I don’t want outsiders in my house for three hours. Hopefully, she will understand.
    So, I’ll let the rush calm down and try and find somewhere else before the virus starts to kick off again and I hibernate for winter!

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    1. I really quite liked the longer hair but it was annoying in many ways. I have very fine hair which does not lend itself to any kind of management. Trying to fit glasses, hearing aids, mask, and long hair behind the ears does not work well!

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  2. My wife cuts my hair and I cut hers. Neither of us are very particular. So we have no need for the barber. In the sixties I did wear my hair longer and cut it myself. But looking back on those good old days I probably should have got a real hair cut at least once in a while.

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  3. Love the long hair look, but understand the wanting to get in cut.
    Wowza! Both you and Cooper got new hairdos and you both look handsome! 🙂
    Rousing rapid rhyme! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…I cut my hubby’s hair for him once a month. But he can’t cut my hair for me, so I have my 1970’s hairdo these days. Long. Very long. 🙂

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  4. Poignant as poignant can be. In the 70s, I was a guest of my Uncle Sam for similar US Atmy training at Fort Otd, CA (now shut down and much if it abandoned and decaying ….no, not CA, Fort Ord). FO was in the Monterrey Peninsula and several of us ‘bald’ guys visited nearby Carmel. As we sat in the town lawn listening to some calm hippie music, we were approached by a group of Hare Krishna members who also had cleaned shaven heads but a long batch of hair starting at the very back of their heads and they wore white robes. Must have been a strange sight. In the least, it’s funny to recall it. Nice limerick, by the way.

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  5. It’s always so sad to say goodbye to hair so lovingly grown – or perhaps grown with no way of putting a stop to it. My husband has moaned for weeks abo ut the need for a good haircut (and now has been well and truly sheared) – while I’ve been secretly glad to see it a little longer! But hey, it’s all about feeling comfortable with ourselves, and. like my husband’s, your new hairdo looks neat and tidy. Memories of the 60s and 70s are all that remain… 😀

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  6. My sylist felt sorry for me so he came to my house. I believe this was in April or May.I rewarded him with a salmon lunch on the patio. And, of course, I paid him. We socially distanced but still had a great time. I felt like a new person. 😊

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