Lundi limerick #95

I really don’t know how I feel

about a young lady from Keele

her past is a mystery

she majored in history

whilst riding a Catherine wheel


During the middle ages, Keele was a major route from the North-West to London for laden packhorses and caravans alike. Keele Preceptory was granted to the Knights Templar sometime between 1168-69 by King Henry II. The Knights Templars, a military order and later rivals Knights Hospitallers, would charge incoming traffic to pass through their lands. This would supplement rental income from farming tenants.

Keele lies about four miles away from where I was born and has a Motorway service station, built in 1963, which was a veritable metropolis compared to anything we had seen before.





28 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #95

  1. Interesting info about Keele, Peter. I’ve only been there once, although it was for week’s course at Keele University. The link in your limerick to the real/original Catherine Wheel is a great idea. I was such a horrible torture. Where I lived a child, we called Catherine Wheels, Pin Wheels (the firework, that is). 😀

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  2. Ooh. 😮 UGHS. I don’t like reading about the torture wheel definition. 😦
    I, too, wish she was cartwheeling or fireworking. 🙂
    But, a good and thought-provoking limerick, Peter! Your limericks are always stellar! 🙂

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