Lundi limerick #94

In Leicester a man of renown

wore nothing but khaki and brown

He always seemed drunk

on his head wore a skunk

which he thought was a beautiful crown


Leicester features prominently in the news at the moment, being one of the areas in the UK that has had a significant increase in cases of Covid-19 cases and, as a result, has not had any easing of lockdown regulations.

At the end of the War of the Roses, King Richard III was buried in Leicester’s Greyfriars Church a Franciscan Friary and Church which was demolished after its dissolution in 1538. The site of that church is now covered by more modern buildings and a car park. There was a legend his corpse had been cast into the river, while some historians argued his tomb and remains were destroyed during the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII. However, in September 2012, an archaeological investigation of the car park revealed a skeleton which DNA testing helped verify to be related to two descendants of Richard III’s sister. It was concluded that the skeleton was that of Richard III because of the DNA evidence and the shape of the spine. In 2015 Richard III was reburied in pride of place near the high altar in Leicester Cathedral. Perhaps Richard is the subject of my limerick?


17 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #94

  1. I bet it’s easy for people to social distance from him. 😮 HA! 😛

    Interesting history about Richard!

    Great limerick, Peter! I snort-laughed!!! 😀
    Now I’m wondering about how often crowns are cleaned…Ha…maybe they all stink a bit. ???
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. I remember seeing a documentary about them finding him in that car park!!! And, gosh. Sorry to hear they are flooded with Covid 19 cases. This whole thing sucks. But I loved Your Limerick!!! He sounds like a fun person to talk to…..from a distance…perhaps wearing a nose plug! Cheers, Peter! Thank You!!! 💕

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  3. Well, who wouldn’t think a skunk was a crown when they were drunk…?
    Another fun limerick, Peter, and interesting and piece of info about Leicester. Being back in lockdown isn’t good news for the city and as for Richard III… I mention him rarely in our house because, as a Yorkshireman, my husband never fails to rant that he should have been buried in York! As a Lancastrian myself, I just shake my head and smile sweetly.

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