Lundi limerick #90

Penny from Poole in Dorset

was found up a tree in her corset

but where was her dress?

it was anyone’s guess

perhaps it was lost as a forfeit


Poole was a wealthy trading port and by the early 18th century had more ships trading with North America than any other English port. The resulting prosperity supported much of the development which now characterises the Old Town where there are many Georgian mansions and terraced housing.

Poole has a Sheriff, created by the town’s charter of 1568. The post is one of only 16 in England and Wales. Currently the post is held by a lady. Perhaps she may be able to solve the mystery of the missing dress!



39 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #90

    1. The role of the Sheriff supports the Mayor and Deputy Mayor in Civic duties and responsibilities. The Councillor serves a year as Sheriff, then becomes the elected Mayor before finally becoming Deputy Mayor. A busy lady.


  1. I bet Penny is the talk of the town. Pete, I enjoy your limericks and am curious. Do these just pop into your head after you pick a topic or is it a painstakingly slow process (as my stories are)?

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    1. I started writing limericks in response to a weekly limerick challenge and found I enjoyed them. After the challenge ceased I decide to write one each week and did A-Z and back with animals and insects as a subject, then went on to town and village names A-Z and back. When I get to number 104 I don’t know what I’ll do!

      The first two lines normally come easily, then I have to find lines three and four to fit in with the flow. Often the final line is quite difficult and I sometimes have to go back to the start and totally rethink it.

      I have found, several weeks after publishing some, that the form is not a true limerick. I hope no-one notices!

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      1. I love ‘em, Peter. They’re a lot better than those oldies, ‘there was a young man from…’. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard a few. I also enjoy the short details about the place you write. Keep me laughing, Peter, and being amazed at your creativity.

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  2. I think I’ve met Penny, and if memory serves me correct it was at a party in one of those posh houses in Christchurch, back then she went by her given name, Penelope Pines, she was one of the tree-hugging crowd! 🤥

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      1. Translates well in Yorkshire, but I know exactly what you mean!
        Penny probably met Lennon in one of those lowlife dives he worked when over in Hamburg 😂 Small world eh!

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  3. Penny’s evidently a bit of a character and possibly a little on the plump side if she needs a corset. I’m guessing there are some nice fish ‘n chips shops in Poole that Penny can’t resist. An interesting snippet of history, too, Peter. 😀

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