Lundi limerick #89

A lady called Betty from Quorn

whose hips were incredibly worn

laid blame on her dancing

and all of the prancing

encountered whilst working in porn


I have shamelessly copied the following from the wikipedia entry for  Quorn:

The first known evidence of the village is in the Lincoln Episcopal Registers for 1209–1235, as Quernendon. Other variations of the village name over the centuries include Querne, Quendon, Querendon, Quarendon, Qaryndon, Querinden, Querondon, and Quernedon.

The quarrying of stone in Quorn began at a very early age at Buddon Wood, on the edge of the parish. Granite millstones were quarried in the early Iron Age, and under the Romans stone was quarried for building in Leicester. Some of the larger millstones can still be seen in the area, however these days they are either used as garden ornaments, or worked into seats or slabs.

Quorn Hall, off Meynell Road on the eastern edge of the village, was built for the Farnham family in about 1680. It became the home of renowned fox hunter Hugo Meynell in 1753. He established his pack of hounds there, where it continued under later masters until 1905, thus giving a name to the famous Quorn Hunt. Three Royal Navy ships have been named HMS Quorn after the hunt.

The meat substitute Quorn derives its name from this village, and began production in 1985.



22 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #89

  1. HA! I guess I should’ve guessed that ending before I got to it…but I didn’t and I laughed out loud! 😀 😛

    Thanks for teaching me about Quorn.

    I already knew about worn, dancing, prancing, and porn.
    (((HUGS))) 😀

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  2. This is great, Peter, that you included the source of you limerick. It’s perfect as long as you give credit to the source. You can give it in your own word or a direct quote and link to the source. If you have this format to you limericks, your book will look great.

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  3. I didn’t know that Quorn (the meat substitute) was named after a place. I feel like I genuinely learned something today and that’s not what I expect from you Pete. Fortunately it was prefaced with a low brow limerick, otherwise I’d be concerned there was something amiss…

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