Lundi limerick #88

A rich girl who hails from Rhyl

forever was seeking a thrill

she had many ploys

to meet all the boys

I think you will find her there still!



Rhyl (rhymes with HILL) is a seaside resort in the Welsh county of Denbighshire. Once an elegant Victorian resort, it declined sharply by 1990, but has since been improved by major regeneration investments. Several million pounds of European funding has been spent on developing the seafront. What happens to Rhyl, and many more places in decline, now we have left the EU, is anyone’s guess!






19 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #88

  1. I’ve heard of thrill seeking Jill from Rhyl… She sounds like a rum lass to me. 😀
    I had many a day out to Rhyl when I lived in Southport as a child. It was sad to see so many of our lovely seaside resorts decline so badly but it’s good that many have since had money ploughed back into them. A fun limerick, Peter.

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