Sunday sayings #33

I happened across this from two years ago and thought it was appropriate to reblog during this very strange lockdown time. May you all have ‘NICE THUNKS’

Peter's pondering

positiveNice thunks

Think a thunk of niceness

smile and have a laugh

take a nice long shower

or soak and have a bath

eat your favourite chocolate

drink your favourite tipple

treat yourself to cream cake

or double raspberry ripple

whatever takes your fancy

take it to extreme

and share it with your favourite mate

if only in a dream.

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14 thoughts on “Sunday sayings #33

  1. Oh, Peter, I love this!
    We had been been missing pub grub (yes seriously!) So Victoria put together a menu and I ordered from the young waitress in the doorway (Scampi and chips) and a bowl of pork scratchings appeared on the ‘bar’. It should have been served in the ‘Beer garden’ but the weather was poor, so I ate alone in my kitchen! I didn’t mind, there’ll be more opportunities. The food was lovely and was finished off with homemade ice cream! 🙂

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