Lundi limerick #87

Rita from Richmond in Surrey

ate nothing but cabbage and curry

her stomach was loaded

it sadly exploded

she’s now just a bucket of slurry


The borough of Richmond was abolished in 1965 when it was replaced by the larger London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and Surrey County Council was replaced here by Greater London local government institutions, at which time the ceremonial county also changed.

Richmond is definitely a place I could never afford to live and, in  any case, I much prefer Richmond in Yorkshire!








14 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #87

  1. It just shows that recipes need to be read very carefully. Rita obviously failed to get the proportion of curry to cabbage correct. No wonder it exploded! I wonder who mopped up/bucketed the slurry? 😀 Great limerick, Peter. (I agree, Richmond in Yorkshire’s a lovely place. I’ve been round the castle many times with groups of school children.)

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  2. You, The Limerick King, deserve a limerick about you…so I tried to write one…it might not be written well, but the words/sentiment are true. 🙂

    Here goes…

    There is a wonderful fellow named Peter
    Who is a poet of limericks’n’meter.
    When a rhyme he does write
    It brings us smiles through the night
    We’re so very grateful he is a treat-er*.

    *Treat-er…a person who is a source of joy, delight or amusement.

    (((HUGS))) and bestest wishes to you and your beloved ones! 🙂

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  3. I hope Rita didn’t smoke – she could’ve taken half the town out. If you covered the bucket with a wig, would you have slurry with a fringe on top? Richmond Park’s great to wander in – both Richmonds have their positive points.

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