35 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #24

      1. Thank you for sharing that link with me, Peter!
        I enjoyed reading about Ralph.
        I’m so sorry for that sad sad day. But, how wonderful that Ralph (a good man) was there to bring you smiles.
        I’m so sorry for your sister’s passing. (I lost my oldest sis to cancer.)
        That is such a beautiful post, Peter. It was my honor to read it. I got teary, but I smiled, too. 🙂

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      2. What a beautiful thing to come from such a sad time. I’m sure your sister is smiling to know that you are sharing your wonderful words with so many of us! You have a gift for writing and you bring joy!

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    1. Thanks Sue. He’s still in intensive care but is being weaned off oxygen which is now via a tracheostomy. He’s started physiotherapy and has learned some sign language to communicate with his wife via a video link. A long recovery ahead!

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  1. There’s a man in our neighbourhood – and I’ve never talked to him, but I’ve watched him walk by for years. I can remember how sad I felt when I noticed, probably 5 years ago, he was carrying a white cane. Then I started seeing him with an older man who was in a wheelchair, his father I learned, and they seemed like such a unit. Recently, I noticed that his father was no longer with him, and the cashier in Safeway told me that the father had died. I feel so sad for him. This man is who your poem made me think about. He’s a lovely man, and it’s a lovely poem.

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