Lundi limerick #83

She loved in Virginia Water

an awful lot more than she oughta

She wore pink lace frills

and lived for the thrills

Some say ‘twas her mother who taught her!


I wonder how many misread the second word?

Virginia Water is a town I could not afford to live in. A report from October 2015 listed Virginia Water as the most expensive town (excepting individual London boroughs) for property in the UK, having an average house price exceeding £1m. The 2011 Census showed the population of Virginia Water to be 5,940. Many of the homes are situated on the Wentworth Estate, the home of the Wentworth Club which has four golf courses. The Ryder Cup was first played there. It is also home to the headquarters of the PGA European Tour, the professional golf tour. The estate reached the headlines in 1998 when General Augusto Pinochet was kept under house arrest in one of its houses prior to his extradition.


12 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #83

  1. I went to one of these golf tournamets near to Oxford once. At the time I played, although I was never any good. It was disconcerting to see somebody following the golfers around with a pot of green paint, so their divets would not appear on camera. Yes, they were painting the ground!

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  2. ME!
    Initially, I read the second word as Lived!
    Funny how the brain makes those decisions in less than a split second, deciding the word on the page is the one that makes the most sense!

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  3. 😂 It might help if the words I write make sense too!

    That last line was meant to something like… in a split second the word I think I’ve read makes more sense than the actual one on the page!

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